Thursday, June 13, 2013

Collin's Ten-Year-Old Trip

Day 1:  June 11, 2013
New Castle, Indiana to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Well, the driving part wasn’t that much fun, except that Collin got to play electronic games just about non-stop for hours on end, and he got to listen to the corny Kid’s Channel on satellite radio on demand.   

But, Pigeon Forge was great, because that’s when Collin got to take the wheel.  He was a natural on the roller coaster style Go Kart tracks, lapping Grandma Gayl, and lots of other  older experienced drivers, like the one below. 

As Collin says about this picture: "I was beating someone who could probably drive himself in his own real car."
Collin’s Go-Kart summary statement:  “It was awesome!"
After test driving a bunch of Go Kart tracks, it was time for a round of Adventure Golf.  We found the biggest highest best course in Pigeon Forge, which began with a very cool winding train ride up to the top of a hill covered with catastrophes--an erupting volcano, a crashing plane, a shipwreck at the base of a huge waterfall, and some fearsome mining disasters. 
Collin got a hole-in-one on the very first hole, and proceeded to roundly trounce Grandma Gayl, but Granddad was like Tiger Woods, coming on strong in the back nine to inch ahead of Collin.

One other new experience today:  Collin tried calamari at dinner, and liked it, although he judged it a little rubbery.

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