Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Dreamy Disney Day

Collin’s Ten-Year-Old Trip
Disney Cruise Day 4:  Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Collin woke up early and hungry--to our great relief.  No lingering effects from yesterday’s overindulgence in everything that should be pursued in moderation--sun, the salty sea, and sweets.  
He enjoyed yesterday’s detective work so much that he wanted to do a second detective game this morning--this time finding the villain who kidnapped some of Disney’s dalmation puppies.

 Grandma Gayl went to a class on how to fold towels to look like animals in the afternoon while Granddad and Collin played another round of Goofy Golf.  Grandma Gayl learned to make a swan, a monkey, a ghost and a dinosaur, while Collin roundly trounced Granddad, making all his holes in just one or two shots.   


Then she and Collin got in line to ride the Aquaduck a couple times.  We almost hated to get to the top of the line, because the big screen on the pool deck was showing Mary Poppins--a great movie, and once you get near the start of the ride, you are inside and can’t see the screen.

Collin noticed an ad in the elevator for a place we had somehow overlooked on the ship--the Arr-cade.  Granddad figured out where it was, and the two of them played some cool games there.  Collin’s favorite was a “Need for Speed” car race simulator.  (Granddad was appalled that the increments of Arr-cade money that you could charge to your Key to the World card went up to $500, and hurt his brain imagining what could possess a parent to indulge their child in this much Arr-cade action over a four day period.)  

We actually had time to relax today.  We all sat out on our stateroom deck and enjoyed the view while drinking our beverage of choice, then we read and watched old Disney cartoons on television.  Just before dinner, Gayl and Collin used the instruction sheet she got in her class to fold a towel into a swan to leave for our room attendant along with his gratuity envelope.   


When we got back to the room, we found that our attendant had folded us a bunny rabbit, and given our swan a little face lift, too.


Since it was our last night aboard, there were lots of festivities, including a big gathering of Disney princesses in the rotunda.  Collin was sure that his little sister Annie would love to dress up like a little princess and hug all those Disney princesses, like hundreds of little girls on this boat. 

He considered himself lucky that he made it through the whole cruise without us forcing him to pose with any Disney characters.   He did consent to posing with a statue of Mickey, and he gave Granddad permission to photoshop him in to a picture of Donald or Pluto sometime later, if possible.

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