Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Fun, More Sun with Molly

June 17-18, 2014
The beautiful sunny Florida days continue for Molly's ten-year-old trip, and Molly has another list of favorite things.

 We spent all day today at Discovery Cove, a man-made aquatic paradise in Orlando. 
This is Molly’s list of her favorite activities here:

Kissing a dolphin.

Petting a dolphin.
Riding a dolphin. 

Sitting on couches in the pool.

Floating on the Lazy River.  (The river is a quarter mile loop that flows through a very realistic cave, beneath waterfalls, past beaches and colorful rock gardens, through an aviary with lots of tropical birds flying around us, and through bamboo jungles.)

Eating  chocolate cake twice in one day!
Seeing otters playing right up close.
Having  perfect weather all day long. 

Molly also had two more favorite experiences yesterday before we left Clearwater:
Finding lots of shells on the beach.

Eating lunch on the deck at Frenchys Rockaway Grill overlooking the beach.

The perfect ending to our perfect day today was a stop at Twistee Treat, a classic ice cream stand that looks as though it could well have been frozen in time since when I was Molly’s age.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fun in the Sun with Molly

June 15-16, 2014
Molly’s Ten-Year-Old Trip
For her special trip, Molly wants to see Winter, the dolphin star of “A Dolphin’s Tale,” to hang out at the beach, and to eat seafood.  Sounds like activities we will all enjoy! 

We are in Clearwater, Florida, where our main event is a visit to the Clearwater Aquarium.  The world’s most famous dolphin was nursed back to health there after a near fatal tangle with a crab trap and line, and huge crowds  now visit the Aquarium, inspired by her survival story and the wonder of watching her swim with (and without) a prosthetic tail.

This is Molly’s list of her favorite things about our time here: 

The plane ride was fun--her first plane ride all by herself.

Seeing Winter, the star of “A Dolphin’s Tale,” and getting close enough to pet her.

Feeding the pelican that played the role of Rufus in the movie.

The sting rays at the Clearwater Aquarium (but she let Granddad and Gayl feed them fish).

The Aquarium Shuttle boat ride, especially when we saw wild dolphins.

Laying on the beach and playing in the waves.

Playing Uno and Go Dolphin (Go Fish).

Our fancy hotel suite with panoramic views of the ocean, downtown Clearwater Beach, and the marina.

part of the view from our balcony
The two pools and the hot tub at our hotel (which was too hot for Granddad or Gayl), especially with temperatures near 90.

Calling Mom.

Watching tv to fall asleep.

 We are very proud of how Molly is stretching herself to have so many new experiences!

(This is Nickolas, who put on a great show at the aquarium.)