Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Fun, More Sun with Molly

June 17-18, 2014
The beautiful sunny Florida days continue for Molly's ten-year-old trip, and Molly has another list of favorite things.

 We spent all day today at Discovery Cove, a man-made aquatic paradise in Orlando. 
This is Molly’s list of her favorite activities here:

Kissing a dolphin.

Petting a dolphin.
Riding a dolphin. 

Sitting on couches in the pool.

Floating on the Lazy River.  (The river is a quarter mile loop that flows through a very realistic cave, beneath waterfalls, past beaches and colorful rock gardens, through an aviary with lots of tropical birds flying around us, and through bamboo jungles.)

Eating  chocolate cake twice in one day!
Seeing otters playing right up close.
Having  perfect weather all day long. 

Molly also had two more favorite experiences yesterday before we left Clearwater:
Finding lots of shells on the beach.

Eating lunch on the deck at Frenchys Rockaway Grill overlooking the beach.

The perfect ending to our perfect day today was a stop at Twistee Treat, a classic ice cream stand that looks as though it could well have been frozen in time since when I was Molly’s age.


  1. Molly's trip looks like it is so much fun! I want to do everything she did :)

  2. Hi! I'd like to talk to you!

    I'm brazilian and I'm trying to write a book. These past days I was looking for a real Lighthouse, and I'm in love with Peggy's Point Lighthouse. Could you send me some pictures, or tell me what you know about it?