Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ten-Year-Old Tripping Again!

Natalie’s Ten Year Old Trip
Day 1--Cincinnati to Glade Springs, WV
August 5, 2013
We actually beat our 9 a.m. departure goal by three whole minutes this morning, even including time for lots of goodbye hugs and pictures in the driveway!

It’s a long drive from Cincinnati to Glade Springs, especially for a ten year old who tends toward car sickness.  But, Natalie emerges unscathed from our travels, thanks to strategic napping and use of downloaded programs on her I-pad to divert her attention. We have come such a long way since our first ten-year-old (actually twelve-year-old) trip ten years ago, when our best efforts at in-car entertainment were variations of roadside bingo and eye spy.

A lot of our drive was on scenic two lane highways where we stopped (or even turned around and backtracked) to take pictures of quilt barns when we spotted them.

We had a picnic lunch at a roadside rest stop.

And, we got to The Glades late in the afternoon, with just enough time to drive and wander around to get oriented to the place and all the options for fun around here.

The Glades has their own private geocaching challenge, with nine caches hidden around the grounds.  At dinner out on the deck of the golf club, we overheard another family grousing about how hard they had tried to find a cache hidden nearby, with no success.  We talked with them about it, looked at their clue sheet, and then checked our cell phones to see that the coordinates of the cache were almost identical to the coordinates of exactly where we were sitting. After we finished our dinner, Natalie and I hopped off the deck to see if we could find the cache for them, and just as Granddad was telling us we were on a fool’s errand, we found it in less than two minutes.  HA!  We are no fools.  

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