Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family Fun in Indiana

August 3, 2013
Day 7
We get to spend the whole day with the Indiana Glovers!  

Granddaughter Annie provides a gymnastics exhibition in the entry hall before we even can get in the door, and then gives us an encore song and dance performance. 

Son Mark and Grandson Andrew share a slide show and stories of their recent canoeing, camping, and fishing adventures in remote boundary waters.  

The big tasty lunch Jennifer has prepared for us includes freshly picked corn from the other grandparents’ garden--so sweet! 

The highlight of our afternoon is taking Mark and the boys out to look for geocaches hidden within a few miles of their home.  Within about an hour and a half Team Glover finds every cache we hunt for--a total of seven geocaches! 


When it is time for dinner we all head to the café at J&J Winery in Richmond, Indiana, which is on the way to Cincinnati, our next destination.  We have a table on the patio right near the wood-fired pizza oven.

I try their five glass wine flight, and am surprised to love the extremely smooth but smoky cabernet (pairs great with pizza).  We purchase a couple bottles, and hope they survive the long car ride ahead.

All too soon our delightful pizza dinner is over and we must be on our way to Cincinnati, while the Indiana Glovers head home.
We make one stop on the way--the Union County Courthouse in Liberty, Indiana is splendid in the warm light of the low sun.

We are thankful for this glorious day.

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