Friday, April 4, 2014

A Nebraska Native’s Point of View

April 3, 2013
The day before we left Savannah to begin this grand adventure, I was at a juried quilt show where a group of Nebraska-inspired art quilts by Dorothy Heideman-Nelson captivated me.  Now that we are in Nebraska, I can appreciate even more how well her artwork and her artist’s statement capture the spare beauty of the landscape.


Nebraska Winter Cornfield

“What is more mesmerizing than watching the moving vanishing point formed from the straight rows of a cornfield when driving down the Interstate 80?  You catch the flickering pattern even with your peripheral vision. The impeccably straight lines are evident from the first leaves breaking through the soil in spring to the stubble remaining during the cold winter months.  Drifts of snow catch on the remaining stalks and against fence posts:  precious moisture for the next year’s crop.”

Dorothy Heideman-Nelson

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