Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving From the Grove Park Inn

November 24, 2011
Finding ourselves too stuffed and tired to tell many tales, we will let our pictures carry the day.

The Grove Park Inn was built in 1913, and its distinctive exterior features huge granite boulders dragged from nearby quarries. 

We spent a lot of time eating today--first at the spectacular breakfast buffet, then just a few hours later at the tremendous Thanksgiving Feast buffet.  Note that the flowers in this arrangement are all carved from fruits and vegetables, just one example of the artistry applied to creating a buffet that looked as appetizing as it tasted.

Here we are before sitting down to our Thanksgiving dinner.  Someone told us that the dining room where we had our dinner served 3,000 meals today.  We knew the place was hopping, but we had a very leisurely meal, with lots of trips to sample from the many the buffet stations and plenty of attentive service, and never a hint of being encouraged to move along to vacate our table for waiting diners.  Edwin Grove would be proud that, in the tradition of his famous tonic (see yesterday's post), the buffet at his famous Inn successfully "made children and adults feel as fat as pigs."

We took advantage of the indoor tennis courts to work off a few calories.  (The boys also burned off some calories swimming this afternoon, but we didn't get pictures, because we were napping.)

There are hundreds of entries from the inn's annual gingerbread house competition spread throughout the hotel. Here is the grand prize winner.

We have a bounty of blessings to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

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