Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Destination: Finland

July 10, 2011
We are up before 7 a.m. and on the road before 8.  Our destination is Finland, Minnesota, where we will be having great adventures at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center for the next five days.  

We drive through a deluge, including one lightning flash with synchronous thunder that seems to hit right in front of the car. We are thankful that this was not the weather we had yesterday at the water park.  Speaking of yesterday, I seem to be the only one whose arm and shoulder muscles are sore this morning from clutching the steering wheel tensely during my go-kart drives (and also holding tight to the bar on the roller coaster, while Andrew was waving his hands in the air).

Fortunately the rain lets up mid-morning, and we have a mostly pleasant drive.  We are a bit confused when we get to Duluth, and the temperature is 81, despite the weather channel’s claim that it is 69.  Locals at camp later explain to us that the temperature varies widely throughout Duluth (sometimes by up to fifteen or twenty degrees), depending on how close you are to Lake Superior and which direction the wind is blowing.  Those same locals are sweating, fanning themselves and complaining about a temperature of 81 degrees (with no humidity), which we find quite pleasant.  They are promising us the weather will get better as the week goes on, meaning it will get what we call “chilly.” 

We have a crowd-pleasing spaghetti and garlic bread dinner, followed by “getting to know you” games and a camp fire (featuring us singing along while our counselor plays Havah Nagila and This Land is Your Land on her accordion). 

Our post-campfire game of dominoes with Andrew is disrupted somewhat after we finish our first round and find that we not only cannot find a double eight domino to begin the second round, but there is also no double seven in the camp’s domino set.  This puts the credibility of the entire set of dominoes in question, but does not hinder Andrew from beating the pants off us.

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