Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Urban Archaeology 101

Joyce Gold taught us to read a neighborhood by the newspapers on the rack out in front of the local news stand. The papers hold clues to the ethnic diversity, social strata and political interests of the people who live nearby.   

Of course, her tour led us to be more observant of the news stand around the corner from our apartment when we picked up our New York Times from the rack out front this morning.  For the record, the papers out front included the NYT, the Daily News, the NY Post, and USA Today--news stand staples all across the city.  Conspicuously absent was the Wall Street Journal.   

Our specialty papers were El Diario de los Hispanos, Nocero de Puerto Rico, Diario de Mexico, and two Polish daily news publications.  The only surprise for us is that there is no Italian or Asian paper represented in the mix, based on our observations of the people strolling around our neighborhood and the businesses that seem to be thriving here.

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